If you wish to use our service be acknowledged that the following applies:

1. User is limited to one account, the account is for personal use only.

2. Points can be earned by completing avaiable offers on our website.

3. Information provided to has to be accurate at all times. Providing counterfeit may result in termination of your account.

4. In the matter of cancelled, incompleted, duplicated and returned transactions we reserve the right to manually adjust point ballance on your account.

5. Earned points can be redeemed into CS:GO Skins.

6. Given that the Steam Market price of orderred item drastically changes, we reserve the right ot cancel an order and instantly reimburse the credits.

7. If an account shows any suspicious activity it will be permanently banned. Do not use any VPN's or proxy etc.

8. If an account remains inactive for more than 30 days from last login, we reserve the right to expire any unredeemed points.

9. We are not legally responsible for any loss caused from our website.

10. This service may be closed at any time resulting in point forfeiture and cancelation of any open orders.